David Hockney sold his first works for £10, his work now sells for millions. Tomorrow’s great artists are todays students and graduates, but for collectors they are as hard to find as ever. ArtAttack provides visibility to these young artists and in doing so is able to offer gallery quality work at below gallery prices.

Art enthusiasts can discover and follow emerging and artists, and buy their work.

Artists can also share works in progress, images of their studios and of their inspirations. Through this story telling, ArtAttack provides an insight into the artist’s world, crucial when understanding and investing in young, unrepresented, emerging artists. Artattack removes all of the unnecessary costs in selling and buying art, offering a platform for people to own gallery quality art at below gallery prices.

There are already 1000+ artists on the app, with users in over 40 countries. Artwork can be bought from some of today’s most exciting young artists from £50 to £10,000.

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Alex leads the tech development and gallery relations, with previous experience at a BAFTA award-winning app business and a Piccadilly-based commercial gallery.


Sam leads the financing and fundraising functions, with a background at some of the largest investment banks in the world.


Full-stack developer with previous experience developing apps for Nike, Memrise, Burberry and Hotels.com